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As a business, having good visual aesthetic garners more positive impressions from prospects and clients. The difference between a rundown broken concrete floor and a solid, durable, resinous floor with a shiny polish that makes it look brand new is all it can take to make a difference between a prospect and a client.

Commercial floor surfaces that benefit most from epoxy coating solutions are:
• Car dealerships
• Garage floors
• Commercial kitchens/restaurant kitchens
• Warehouse floors
• Manufacturing facilities
• Patio Floors
• Driveways
• Barbershops
• Kennels
• Office spaces
• Restaurants
• Breweries
• Hotel entrances
• Floor surfaces with high foot traffic

If you’re looking to make a smart investment for commercial flooring, look no further than Premier Edge Concrete Solutions – your local family-owned and operated epoxy floor coating business. Serving the Grand Rapids Area for years, we can ensure that commercial concrete floor renovation projects are handled with expertise, and precision and, once finished, will give you lasting results. In addition, we offer commercial resinous flooring to our clients to provide them with a safe and attractive wearing surface. With our team of qualified professionals working on your project, you know that it’ll be done right the first time.

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Our premium quality resinous coatings are here to provide lasting protection for commercial floors and spaces, no matter how busy they get.

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commercial resinous flooring


Commercial concrete coatings are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. They provide commercial floors with an added layer of protection, making them exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Commercial resinous flooring is highly resistant to moisture, which can be especially problematic in commercial spaces; it’s also resistant to harsh chemical spills, scratches, and abrasions. Not only do resinous commercial floors reduce the ongoing maintenance a commercial concrete floor needs, but it also keeps commercial floors looking dealership-new for far longer than ever!

With commercial floor coatings like resinous coatings, commercial businesses have discovered ways to extend the life and looks of their commercial floors while saving time and money – everyone wins!


Durable and Long Lasting

If you’re in the market for commercial resinous flooring that’s strong and enduring, commercial epoxy flooring is the ideal choice. This coating offers superior protection compared to standard paints or sealers and serves as a hard-wearing barrier against knocks and scrapes from large machinery, tools, and equipment. Plus, commercial epoxy flooring not only guards your commercial structure but also beautifies it with a splash of color – something you don’t get with traditional paint! So, if you’re looking for a commercial concrete coating that’ll protect AND look great at the same time, commercial epoxy flooring has got you covered!


Moisture Resistant

Commercial resinous flooring is a practical and economical choice for commercial properties and industrial warehouses. Not only does commercial epoxy flooring offer superior resistance to moisture, but it also has excellent performance benchmarks regarding durability and longevity. In addition, installing commercial concrete coating can be a great way to keep your commercial property safe from erosion due to moisture and save money on maintenance in the long run.

A commercial concrete coating is an excellent solution that won’t disappoint you!


Chemical Resistant

Consider a chemical-resistant commercial epoxy floor coating if you’re looking for commercial resinous flooring. This commercial concrete coating provides superior protection to commercial concrete flooring, blocking all types of chemicals, dust, and debris while looking great too.

In addition, you can choose various design and color options that will enhance the look and feel of your commercial space. Plus, commercial epoxy flooring is so durable it can withstand just about any environment – giving you peace of mind that your floor will remain free from damage.


Impact Resistant

Commercial resinous flooring and commercial concrete coatings are the ideal solutions to protect commercial spaces, such as factories or warehouses, from everyday wear and tear. Not only are these commercial resinous flooring options easy to install and impact-resistant, but they can also stand up to heavy use and frequent movement within commercial settings — something that many other commercial flooring materials cannot do.

Plus, commercial resinous flooring and commercial concrete coatings will not need replacing as often as traditional materials, making them an economical choice that provides a lasting benefit for any business.


Low Maintenance Commercial Floors

Commercial resinous coatings provide an easy way to protect commercial and industrial surfaces. They provide long-lasting defense against wear and tear while also looking great. With commercial resinous flooring, you can be sure of a worry-free solution that’s incredibly low maintenance: no need for waxing, buffing, or re-coating; just simple mopping will keep your commercial concrete coating looking brand new for years!

So if you want great-looking floors without any added stress – our commercial concrete coating is the perfect solution!

Commercial resinous flooring and commercial concrete coatings are the ideal solutions to protect commercial spaces, such as factories or warehouses, from everyday wear and tear.

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commercial resinous flooring
commercial resinous flooring
commercial resinous flooring
commercial resinous flooring



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