Weatherproof Outdoor Coating: Options for Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is difficult to crack and can withstand even the harshest elements based solely on its characteristics. However, everyday use can stain or damage outdoor concrete surfaces, particularly those used for pedestrian or vehicle traffic. 

The freeze-thaw cycle can widen cracks and cause spalling in areas that regularly experience cold and wet winters. Selecting the best weatherproof coating options is critical to reducing the possibility of such damage. 

Weatherproof coatings for outdoor concrete surfaces are listed below for your consideration.

Urethane-Based Coatings

Consider a modified urethane coating to take your protection to the next level. Urethane is a long-lasting, water-resistant material resistant to oil and chemical stains. 

Unlike traditional paint coatings, which tend to wear off over time due to friction, urethane-based layers form a challenging protective shell-less vulnerable to physical wear and tear. This durability makes them ideal for areas frequently used or exposed to the elements.

Elastomeric Traffic Coatings

Consider purchasing an elastomeric traffic coating for outdoor surfaces that endure much wear and tear from vehicle traffic. This coating offers one of the highest levels of protection available for outdoor concrete.

The coating protects the surface of the concrete from damage caused by water vapor, ice, impacts, and acidic elements such as salt and chlorides. They can be used to repair older concrete surfaces with extensive cracking and deterioration, though special considerations may be necessary depending on the severity of the damage.

Outdoor Concrete Sealer

A simple concrete sealer is intended to keep out moisture and protect against minor stains and wear. This product type is frequently utilized in the residential market for decorative patios or driveways. 

In most cases, a sealer will not withstand the demands of an industrial or commercial facility. Still, it is preferable to have no protection at all for a surface that receives minimal foot traffic.

Waterproof Stadium Coating

A special waterproof deck coating, such as those designed for sports stadiums, is your best bet for an outdoor surface that withstands weather and foot traffic. These are frequently reinforced with anti-slip elements, which keep pedestrians safe even in bad weather. 

Because these formulated coatings are sometimes proprietary, it’s best to consult a concrete flooring expert who can point you in the right direction.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floor coatings are more resilient, water-resistant, and impact- and abrasion-resistant than simple sealers. An anti-slip surface can be created in wet conditions by broadcasting an aggregate such as quartz over the coating as it cures. 

Unfortunately, ultraviolet light can deteriorate an epoxy coating, causing it to turn yellow or appear “chalky.” To mitigate this, UV-resistant coatings can be added to the formula, but epoxy is not recommended for use in mainly sunny areas.

Additionally, this protective film keeps moisture out and prevents the growth of mold and mildew as well. Also, epoxy coatings resist oil, grease, algae, and other corrosive materials. As a result, epoxy-coated concrete surfaces have increased longevity compared to bare or uncoated concrete surfaces. 


Outdoor concrete coatings can be a great way to protect and preserve your outdoor concrete surfaces. Not only do they protect against the elements, but they also provide an aesthetically pleasing look. 

With many options, you can find a waterproof outdoor coating that meets your needs and fits your budget. Be sure to check out all the different coatings types and read up on the product specifications before deciding on one for your project.

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