Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Explore the life and presidency of the 38th President at this museum in his hometown. Learn about his childhood, marriage, military service, and political career. Explore an exact Oval Office replica and a Watergate gallery.

The Ford Museum features holographs, light shows, surround sound, and more to make learning about the Presidency exciting. See how Ford’s unique ascendency from a Boy Scout to president shaped his presidency. This is a fantastic article to read.


The Museum features artifacts related to the entire Presidential library system and also develops its own feature exhibits. The original exhibits focus on the issues that the President and his Cabinet faced including the pardon of Richard Nixon, the seizing of the USS Mayaguez, and the New York City financial crisis. Other popular exhibits include the 70’s disco room which showcases the pop culture of the Ford Administration and a White House Cabinet Room where visitors can interact as they would in an actual meeting.

The Museum has been the venue for many historic events and conferences ranging from scholarly discussions on domestic policy to naturalization ceremonies for new citizens. The Museum also hosts a series on foreign policy which includes guest speakers and audience discussion through the use of “opinion ballots.” The Museum collaborates with numerous local and national organizations to host a variety of community events.

Featured Exhibits

In keeping with the Library and Museum’s mission to serve the people, Ford Presidential Museum features various exhibits throughout the year. These include a special display that shows off Ford’s hometown of Grand Rapids, including South High School and Bill’s Place Diner. The display also includes a Quonset Hut that was used during the Ford congressional campaign, as well as a model of the Oval Office.

Other popular exhibits explore President Ford’s years in the White House, with a recreation of the Oval Office and Cabinet Room. The Watergate Scandal exhibit is another popular feature that demonstrates how Ford was affected by events beyond his control.

The Museum also houses a film theater, classrooms for education programs, research and staff offices, special storage, and exhibit preparation areas. Unlike other presidential libraries, the Museum is geographically separate from the Library and Archives. However, the Library and Museum share resources and work closely together. The Museum also hosts a variety of family-friendly events and lectures on a regular basis. Visit another area in town here.

Interactive Exhibits

The Ford Museum uses state-of-the-art technology-based exhibits to make history come alive for visitors of all ages. The exhibits are augmented with educational programs, tours, and historical performances. Visitors will experience highlights from President Ford’s early life, his time in the House of Representatives and as Vice President, and his years as President. Visitors can also step inside a replica of the Cabinet Room and Oval Office, see the original Watergate burglar tools, and learn about Ford’s support of the space program while in Congress and as President.

The Ford Museum is open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and on Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Museum Store is also open and features books and media, home decor, jewelry, toys, collectibles, and other items unique to the Ford Presidential Library. Wheelchairs are available to rent. All areas of the Museum are ADA-compliant and accessible. Interpretive services for people with hearing impairments and sign language interpreters are available upon request with two weeks’ notice.


Visit the museum to experience the highlights of President and Betty Ford’s lives in an exhibit that teaches democratic citizenship. You’ll see the actual Watergate burglar tools and a replica of Ford’s Oval Office as well as many items from his early days growing up in Grand Rapids.

The museum also has exhibits dedicated to the history of the United States Navy and one that showcases artwork from the Naval History and Heritage Command collection featuring women in uniform. The museum also hosts a variety of family-friendly events and lectures.

Admission is $12 for adults, $8 for seniors and military service members, $6 for college students with ID, and free for children ages 5 and younger. Discounts are available for family and group visits. You can also purchase the Culture Pass GR, which includes entry to this and 13 other museums around the city for an affordable rate. The museum is ADA-compliant and has closed captioning and text panels for the hearing impaired. Continue reading about Grand Rapids Public Museum.


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