Pinewood Park

Pinewood Park – Offers Plenty of Entertainment for All Ages

Pinewood Park offers plenty of entertainment for all ages. Large colorful play structures, a splash pad, and lots of open space make the park fun for everyone.

Amid the bustle of downtown Grand Rapids, this family-friendly suburb is a quiet escape. Mature trees shade residential streets and home lots 8 miles from the city center. Read on to learn more.


Located along Wolfboro Drive, Pinewood Park opens its facilities to everyone in the community. This huge park has a variety of play options including a playground and splash pad, making it perfect for the whole family. It also has sports facilities including a basketball court and tennis courts.

This is one of the best parks to visit for a fun, relaxing day out with your kids. They will love playing on the inclusive castle-themed structure with roofs and tons of fun activities.

The newest addition to this park is a splash pad, which is a great way for children to cool down on a hot summer day. The splash pad features a number of different types of sprinklers, which are sure to delight children. The park is open to the public and offers free parking on Shaffer Avenue.

Splash Pad

If you want to take a break from the playground at Pinewood Park, 1999 Wolfboro Drive SE, you can cool off in the splash pad. It features water features that pay homage to Port Huron and other local landmarks. There are also several smaller water fountains that toddlers will love. Benches and grassy areas are located alongside the splash pad to allow parents to keep an eye on their children.

In August, residents of Kentwood will be asked to vote on a proposal geared toward city parks, trails, and recreational improvements. This one-mill millage would support these activities and expand and enhance programming.

Families, young professionals, and retirees will find plenty of things to do in the thriving city of Kentwood. The area is home to Woodland Mall, a plethora of parks and nature trails, and many delicious eateries. You can also visit a number of breweries in the area, including Cascade Winery and Jaden James Brewery. This article is worth reading.

Tennis Courts

The City of Kentwood is proud to have a plethora of recreational opportunities available for residents. From a bustling entertainment scene to meandering trails, the city has something for everyone. Its proximity to Grand Rapids makes it an ideal choice for professionals and commuters who want the best of both worlds – the excitement of the city with a comfortable suburban lifestyle.

Pinewood Park is a large, family-friendly park with plenty of space for sports and play. It features large colorful play structures with multiple climbing and sliding features as well as a splash pad, baseball field, and basketball courts.

The new splash pad at Pinewood Park is a great way to cool off in the summer. The fountains spray water in various patterns and include several small features that are perfect for toddlers as well as some taller elements for more adventurous kids. Benches and grassy areas alongside the splash pad are great places to relax while watching the children have fun.

Basketball Courts

The Pinewood Park Sports Complex offers visitors several playing fields and courts, large colorful play structures, and a splash pad. There is also plenty of open area, with soccer fields and baseball diamonds as well as a skateboarding ramp.

The splash pad has fountains that shoot water from the pavement and small, rotating frogs that spray water. Kids of all ages enjoy cooling off under the spray and dipping their toes in the puddles that form as the water showers down from above.

Outdoor recreation is a major attraction in Kentwood with a multitude of picturesque parks and meandering trails. The city has a number of breweries as well that provide an array of unique flavors and ambiance for those with a passion for beer. This burgeoning scene is attractive to young professionals and retirees alike, providing the perfect blend of city living with a suburban lifestyle. The proximity to Grand Rapids further enhances the livability of this city, drawing in commuters from every walk of life. Click here for the next blog post.


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